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Dear Valued Affiliate Partner,

Welcome and thanks again for promoting Online Profiting! If you have a website, email list or can even just click your mouse you can make serious money with the our free affiliate programs on the web.

10 Excellent Reasons to Join the Online Profiting Program

  1. We do the selling for you, you just point the prospective customer in our direction and we use our follow-up systems to close the sale.

  2. Earn generous 60% commissions just by recommending "MMO System and Online Profiting". We pay you more than we make to make sure you are rewarded well for your efforts. We pay higher than the normal 50% because we value our affiliates.

  3. We use ClickBank to independently manage tracking of our affiliates and administer payments to our affiliates (twice a month). So there are none of those suspicious missing affiliate sales. It's all independently done.

  4. We protect your commissions with easyClickMate software, preventing others from simply "stealing" your rightful commission, after you've done all the promotion work. No more stolen commissions!

  5. When you refer someone to our site using your special URL link, a cookie gets dropped in their browser. If they purchase any products from our site, you'll get paid 60% commission on the sale. Simple!

  6. You get the re-assurance of knowing that ClickBank independently runs the program, but you also get the security of knowing that your commissions can't be stolen by someone switching out your nickname for theirs.

  7. We provide you with regular updates on what's working for other affiliates and how to boost your success rates further. You're not left out-in-the-cold once you join my affiliate program.

  8. Sign-up takes just a minute or two and you'll be ready to start earning commissions within 5 minutes!

  9. Unlike with most affiliate programs run by ClickBank, I use special software that allows you to login and check your own affiliate stats. Find out how many people you've been referring and get an overview of your sales to traffic ration and much more besides.

  10. Complete Affiliate Toolbox - as the name suggests this toolbox will support you as an affiliate. Unlike other affiliate programs, I won't leave you stranded once you've signed-up. I give you everything you could possibly need to start earning cash for yourself from day one.

** Note: We do not allow anonymous ClickBank affiliates. In other words, you cannot simply use your ClickBank nickname without first registering yourself as an affiliate with us. Do not ignore this sign up procedure if you want to be paid commission.

Get Started in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1

Read and Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Step 2

The Online Profiting affiliate program is managed by ClickBank. All affiliates are Clickbank affiliates and they are bound by Clickbank's terms of service. It is also against the Clickbank's Client Contract if an affiliate offers bonuses of cash or cash equivalents. Here's a short summary of affiliate dos and don't.

If you are not familiar with ClickBank, please see below for details and free membership information.

You'll need a ClickBank nickname to join our affiliate program, but you must ensure that you've signed up as one of our affiliates too. We do not recognize anonymous affiliate sales (unsigned people using ClickBank style links) and you must therefore use our affiliate sales links that we'll provide after signup.

Already have a ClickBank nickname? Complete Your Affiliate Signup Here.


Get yourself a ClickBank nickname by clicking here, then remember to proceed through to our own affiliate signup form to receive your special sales links (note: ignore the standard ClickBank links provided, as you will not be credited with the sale. Our special URL links provide your with complete fraud protection).

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When do you get paid?

Clickbank, our third party processor will send you a check twice a month on the 1st and the 15th. You can check your sales in real time by simply logging into your clickbank account.

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Promote and prosper!


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